Flagship wellbeing programmes - become a master of your nervous system

Working with the nervous system to improve mental health and wellbeing is a relatively new area of work. For many of us it has been the missing piece to change our lives for the better.

This work does not only transform our personal lives, but it can also transform organisations and the way their employees work and perform. It is a new and exciting approach to not only support employee health and wellbeing, but also the performance of organisations.

So why is the nervous system so important?

When we talk about the nervous system, we are referring to the autonomic nervous system which controls the automatic survival functions of our body (e.g., our breathing, heartbeat, and digestion). This system is subdivided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which work together to maintain a balanced autonomic nervous system.

When our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are imbalanced, we are in a ‘dysregulated’ state. We might feel anxious, agitated, and restless. Or we might feel flat, listless, and disengaged. When were are dysregulated, it affects our creativity and ability to problem-solve, make rational decisions, and engage positively with others.  In the workplace, this has a ripple effect on the wider team, as the group might lose its cohesiveness and ability to perform optimally.

Our workshops

Our workshops are delivered to groups of up to 20 employees, and are suitable for the whole workforce. We deliver in-house plus on-line, in the UK and globally.

We currently offer three workshops, each with its own unique learnings about the nervous system, including: 

Workshop 1

An introduction to the nervous system and how it plays a key role in our well-being and performance in the workplace.

We will explore a variety of practices to support a healthy nervous system and improve performance.

Workshop 2

An introduction to the vagus nerve and physiological safety in the workplace.

You will learn about the role of the vagus nerve in feeling safe and the importance of physiological ‘safety’ at work for optimal performance.

We will explore ways of improving the accuracy of reading our bodily signals and how we can use this to take action to proactively manage our nervous system.

Workshop 3

Understanding the interconnectedness of our nervous systems and how this can result in ‘stress contagion’ as well as the opportunity for co-regulation to create a healthy and regulated workplace where people can perform at their best.

You will learn practices to support others through healthy self-regulation and co-regulation. This is particularly helpful for managers and leaders.

Client feedback
    Louise Slattery

    Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

    I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the transformative Sound Bath experience you hosted on Friday. The journey was profound, as I found myself leaving my body and entering a heavenly place where I was reassured of my worth. As a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, I am eager to recommend this extraordinary experience to all my clients. Thank you for facilitating such a remarkable and healing event.

      Zoë Fleetwood

      Solicitor, London

      Before starting the Breathwork sessions, I hoped to refresh practices which give my life balance. The sessions really helped me to reflect on things in my life that bring me energy and things that drain energy. The combination of readings and breathwork created much needed space to gain perspective and bring balance to my busy life.

      Carolyn Maze, Founding Director
        Carolyn Maze, Founding Director

        The Maze Academy

        The Maze Academy launched a Sound Bath and Energy Healing class led by Conscious Performance and everyone who attended, including myself, felt that it was an incredible experience. I left the class feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and more in tune with myself. If you're looking for a unique and powerful way to unwind and restore your inner harmony, I highly recommend a Sound Bath & Energy Healing class led by Natasha and Estelle

        Siri Zanelli, Partner
          Siri Zanelli, Partner

          Collective Works

          The 2 hour breathwork session on focus was a great reminder that stress can be handled in the moment, with something as simple as breathing. In a knowledge-based profession we get stuck in hour heads, and often get lost when we want the solution to our stress, or sense of overwhelm, to be an intellectual exercise. The session guided us through using body and breath, instead of our minds, to cope wit challenging and stressful situations – something I hope my team will add to their professional toolboxes.

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