Why You Need Us

Our Healthcare Service

Our flagship programmes offer employees at all levels solutions to inspire and provide insight into ways to reach and perform at one’s full potential. We have a variety of options that enable people to find their flow at work whilst taking ownership of their well-being.

In-House Retreat

Half/full day workshops that offer taster sessions to different well-being modalities.

Fire up sessions

Helping a team to become fully engaged and invested at the start of a new project.

Wind Down Sessions

Helping a team wind down and celebrate completion of month/year end.

Coaching & Breathwork

Hocusing on supporting teams who require resilience building due to overwhelm.

Coaching and Creative Movement

Embodiment Practices for managing stress, improving work-life Balance, and enhancing team connection and expanding the window of resilience.

In-house family well-being days

where families are invited into the office and offered a variety of well-being activities